Holistic Counselling

A Gentle Form of Therapy.

Holistic Counselling; Self-discovery and Self-healing

Holistic Counselling SessionsHolistic counselling is a gentle and compassionate form of therapy that may help you when you feel the need for support or assistance. Holistic therapies approach disease and disorders as parts of a greater whole. Rather than treating just the symptoms, Rita looks deeper and tries to uncover underlying causes. Rita will look at the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit to help facilitate wellness.  She will help you understand what ongoing thoughts, patterns, processes and negative self-talk has contributed to your ill-health.  She will help you pinpoint the connection of your current ill-health to a trauma that may have occurred to you in the past.

The emphasis in holistic counselling is always on facilitating self – discovery and self – healing.  It’s a process to empower you. Holistic counsellors often say that they enter into a partnership with a client and assist them in accessing their own inner wisdom rather than imparting wisdom, knowledge or healing themselves. All sessions are confidential.  Rita continues to follow her Social Work Values and Codes of Ethics.

The First Counselling Session is very important.  It allows Rita to ‘hear’ your story and find out what has brought you to the session.  This session also includes an assessment of your stress levels in all areas of your life.  It also includes an assessment of your happiness levels and your energy levels. Together a treatment plan is completed that includes the frequency of sessions, supports after the session and some mindfulness strategies. It is recommended that an initial program of four (4) weekly sessions. Some less frequent follow-up sessions can be helpful to review progress, reinforce new skills and set new goals. You will see some quick improvements within the first few sessions, however research has shown that it typically takes 2-3 months of practice to effectively form new habits.



What you can gain from a Holistic Counselling session with Rita:

Greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.
A more peaceful, centred approach to life.     
Greater health and vitality.
Emotional wellbeing.
A deepened sense of spirituality.
A greater ability to cope with traumas such as death, divorce and abuse.
An enhanced feeling of optimism and self-esteem.


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