Therapies for Children

Overcoming Personal Challenges

Holistic Treatment for Children with Problems.

Is your child lacking confidence and self-esteem?

It seems more and more children are having problems with their confidence and place in the world.  Many are feeling overwhelmed and stressed from the pressures of daily life, just like adults. Our life is so fast paced that it seems to be affecting our children.  Many are suffering from Depression and Anxiety.

Holistic Treatment for ChildrenHaving children of my own, I understand the pressures and problems many children suffer from.  My children have had  a host of hurdles to overcome such as bed-wetting, being scared of the dark, feeling unsafe to play outside by themselves, concerned with their appearance, feeling shy, feeling left out, feeling insecure, feeling overwhelmed, feeling angry, feeling jealous and many others.  Some of these hurdles are minor issues and can be resolved and healed in a limited amount of time.  Others take a bit longer to heal.

As a parent, it is difficult to assess what issues are parts of growing up and which ones are more serious and need intervention and support.  I would recommend that you consider counselling whenever a situation bothers your child enough that it interferes with their ability to:

  • Concentrate in class or at home
  • Do their schoolwork
  • Communicate with parents
  • Sleep
  • Interact with friends
  • Becomes withdrawn
  • Or enjoy life.

Counselling will help your child to understand, manage and overcome many different personal challenges, such as:

Friendship problems
Self Esteem

Holistic Counselling will empower your child to work towards achieving valuable personal and educational goals.

It is recommended an initial program of four (4) weekly sessions. Some less frequent follow-up sessions can be helpful to review progress, reinforce new skills and set new goals. Parents often see some quick improvements within the first few sessions however research has shown that it typically takes 2-3 months of practice to effectively form new habits.  All sessions are confidential. 

Depending on your child’s age and the issue you are dealing with you will be asked to stay with your child or leave the child and come back at the end of the session.  As well as talking with your child, treatment can include art therapy, Flower Essence Therapy with a Remedy to take home, Flower Essence healing on the ear acu-points and Reiki.  Together we will set some goals and supports will be provided for you to take home such as Remedies, Room and Personal Sprays, Creams, Meditations, Affirmations and activities to complete.

Please note there are extra costs for Remedies, Creams and Sprays commencing at $7.00.


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